Iwikoor Kitchen and Bathroom Refinishing / Renovating

Renovate your bathroom and kitchen with Specialised Coatings instead of replacing.

With an outstanding result, absolute minimal downtime and cost effectiveness, Iwikoor Kitchen and Bathroom Renovating/Refinishing is focused on offering the highest possible standard in bathroom and kitchen refinishing.

Never has there been such an array of options for homeowners as now. The traditional replacing of tired looking kitchens and bathrooms was generally the only option, now you can keep your kitchen and simply ‘Spunk it up’………………Why throw away something that is in perfectly good working order, it just looks outdated, or you are sick and tired of the colours.

For the investors who want more return, less interruption, this is the ‘SMART’ OPTION. It’s a known fact that the most important rooms when selecting a home to purchase or rent, are the kitchen and bathroom, so if you want a higher price for sale or want to achieve a higher rental, then this is the ‘PERFECT’ OPTION.

Bathroom and Kitchen Refinishing is an application process, which unlike painting, allows molecules to bond to your current fixture, it isn’t just a matter of improving the look of your kitchen/bathroom, it’s also about improving and extending the lifespan of your surfaces. They become more durable and due to the curing and bonding of our Glas Tech 9000 products, we are confident that you will find a refinished surface a reflection of ‘new’, rather than a recent ‘paint job’.

So for those who wish to modernize, achieve a higher dollar, or simply enjoy a change, then contact us for an obligation free quote and see if this is the ‘BEST’ OPTION for you!

It’s all about OPTIONS!